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Highlight the natural beauty of your lashes with our lash lift and tint services. Our tender and efficient procedures lift and curl your own lashes, raise their length and width, as a result, your eyes become lifted and wide. Double it up with a tint to create depth and definition, taking a mascara off by giving you luscious falsies which are long-lasting.

We offer carefully selected range of luxurious lash products to get your lashes to the next level. Nourishing lash serums, voluminous mascaras and elegant lash accessories – in our line of eye makeup products you will find everything you need to make your lashes steal the show.

Our Services Include:

  • Classic Extensions: Get the timeless look you are seeking with the classic lash extensions that will increase length and definition for a natural but noticeable effect.

  • Volume Extensions: Consider being daring with the volume of lash extensions, which achieve a wide-set, voluminous look by overlapping the multiple light extensions onto one natural lash.

  • Hybrid Extensions: Enjoy the best of the two worlds with hybrid lash extensions, a combination of classic and volume techniques which result in a versatile and customizable lash style.

 Our exert lash specialists are waiting to take your appointments. If you want a soft enhancement or a bold transformation we are always waiting to make you happy and gain this feeling of being confident, beautiful and utterly glamorous once you had your lashes done

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