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During the course, we will cover:

1. Introduction

2. HIFU History

3. HIFU Today

4. Face & Neck

5. Health & Safety

6. Anatomy & Physiology

7. Ultrasound Technology

8. Skin Test

9. Client Consultation

10. Equipment

11. Benefits of HIFU

12. Contraindications

13. Treatment Areas

14. HIFU Facial Treatment

15. Client Care

16. Potential Risks & Side Effects


After the course, you will be able to provide professional and effective HIFU facial services to your clients. The treatment enables our trainees to earn an enormous profit in their newly opened salon business. It is the best anti-aging skin lifting procedure. Help your clients get an instant glow and get rid of all those stubborn blemishes and wrinkles in a single sitting.

HIFU Training

  • If your not sure what to order after booking class. Send us a message and we can help you pick and invoice you for machines. Don’t worry just secure your class spot.

    Discount will still apply.

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